WinInfo Short Takes: Week of July 8

Here are 2 short takes from Paul Thurrotts own version of ROTW (ours will be here soon, don't worry) 2 again that are MS related. I hope Pauls fans are happy that I restrained myself this week (boy did it hurt)

Microsoft Recalls Optical Mouse

Microsoft is recalling certain IntelliMouse Explorer and IntelliMouse Optical mice because of problems with intermittent response issues. But the hilarious aspect of the recall (and

let's face it, there's always a hilarious aspect to these stories) is the language Microsoft uses to describe the problem. After all, the company doesn't want any misunderstandings. "If your computer stops responding or hangs without moving the mouse, this is unrelated to the condition described herein." You see, Windows causes that condition, and that ain't our problem. Oh wait ... But seriously, folks, if you have problems with your optical mouse, visit the Microsoft Web site for the recall notice.

Microsoft Releases Java Tool, No One Notices

Microsoft has released Visual J# .NET, an unnecessary tool if there ever was one. You might recall that Microsoft wasn't going to make any more Java tools, but Visual J# .NET is designed specifically for the Microsoft .NET Framework, meaning that applications and services written in that language run only on Windows. Sound familiar? The company says that the tool is designed specifically to let its 16 remaining Windows-based Java developers move into the Microsoft .NET world, after which time, presumably, they'll migrate to C$, excuse me, C#, Microsoft's Java-like programming language. Confused? Imagine what it's like to be a developer these days.

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