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Found this over on Paul's site...

    AOL to Debut New Two Towers Trailer.

    But wait, I thought this was the only reason people visited AOL Time Warner announced this week that it will exclusively debut the trailer for "The Two Towers," the upcoming Lord of the Rings movie, on its AOL online service. The trailer will become available on AOL Monday, the company says.

    Ballmer Can't Get No Broadband Satisfaction.

    Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO might be one of the richest men in the world, but even he can't get broadband Internet access at his palatial Seattle-area mansion. "I can't get cable or DSL to my house," he said in London this week. "I live in an affluent neighborhood, six minutes from downtown Seattle, and I can't get it."

    Maybe He Should Have Called It "Down".

    Peter Gabriel's new album "Up" was recently made available exclusively in Windows Media Audio (WMA) 9 format this week, or was it? Apparently, few people were able to actually download the digital album, thanks to a server glitch that kept customers from making the purchase. (more on Paul's site...).

    Apple Hits a New Low as Jobs Hits a New High.

    The master of PR knew that his supposed $1 a year salary would generate good press for Apple Computer, but CEO Steve Jobs has a little trick up his sleeve to make things right financially. As reported previously here in WinInfo, Jobs actually makes tens of millions of dollars a year thanks to overtly generous bonuses, and in mid-2002 those bonuses made him the highest paid CEO in the world. Jobs took home over $43 million in the second quarter of 2002 alone, a time period when the average cash grab by CEOs at America's biggest companies declined 1.9 percent. Not bad for a guy making only $1 a year, and running a company whose market share has consistently sunk under his tutelage.

News source: WinInformant

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