Wireless Purchases and "Buy From FM" Coming to the Zune

Microsoft has announced that, beginning with a software update next week (beginning September 16th), all Microsoft Zune portable media players will be given a software update that make it easier to discover and purchase music while on the go.

To make all purchases on the go possible, Microsoft will be giving users access to the Zune Marketplace directly on their Zune devices using an available Wi-Fi connection. To help shoppers find what they are looking for, they will be able to browse lists of top songs and new releases or use the on screen keyboard to find the music they are looking for. Once a track is selected, it can be downloaded or streamed directly to the Zune device.

To further the ability of Zune users to discover new music, the firmware update will also allow listeners to "Buy from FM". This feature utilizes the built in FM tuner and the Radio Data Systems and RT+ feeds already available inside of FM signals to identify a song being played on the radio. Users can tag these songs and then download or stream them directly to their Zune device. If no wireless signal is available, at the time, the tracks will be added to a queue and will be downloaded once the device is connected to a computer or an available Wi-Fi hotspot.

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