XP Patch: Crash In Ks.sys On PC's With Hyper-Threading CPU

Today we have a new patch for all Intel users that also run digital video cards, like the Hauppauge brand. It updates Stream.sys to build 5.3.2600.1164. It's last update was included in DirectX 9.


Ks.sys may crash if you repeatedly start and stop a Hauppauge playback graph on a computer with an Intel CPU that uses Hyper-Threading technology.


I/O request packets (IRPs) are completed on the pending queues without being called back. The routine does not undo the preparation for the request. That causes resources to leak. The data buffer address for data SRBs is not restored to the correct address from the mapped address. Therefore, the FreeFrame routine calls the wrong address when the frames are freed from the allocator.

Download: XP Patch: A Crash Occurs In Ks.sys

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This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

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