You can use Microsoft Rewards points for faster Bing Image Creator generation

Bing image creator

It's been another busy week on the Bing front at Microsoft. The company added the AI-driven Bing Image Creator, which allows users in Bing Chat to create artwork with just a few text prompts. It also launched its own Bing Image Creator site for anyone to check out.

If you are using the stand-alone site, there's a feature that might be helpful to you if you are a member of the Microsoft Rewards program. As revealed on a post on the official Bing Blog, Jordi Ribas, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President for Search & AI, states:

As a Microsoft Rewards member you can further accelerate your creative power by using points to boost the speed at which your image creations are generated.

Just a reminder, Microsoft Rewards lets users sign up and earn points for using the company's services, including searching on Bing. Those points can be exchanged for e-gift cards, entries for sweepstakes, and now faster generation of Bing Image Creator artwork.

Ribas also mentions in the same blog post that Bing Image Creator actually became available in a few markets in October 2022. Ribas said the company waited until this week to launch it worldwide. He added:

It’s important to note that in addition to generating AI images with the latest DALL·E models from OpenAI, we prohibit the use of Image Creator to produce content that can inflict harm on individuals or society. To achieve this, we block certain prompts and images, and we’ve used the last few months to help inform this approach. I realize this may result in over blocking some images sometimes which can be frustrating, and that’s why we’ve implemented an appeal process and will continue to improve our classifiers.

He noted that since launching Bing Chat several weeks ago, the team decide to integrate Image Creator directly into the chat interface.

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