YouTube debuts offline video playback in India

Good news for YouTube fans in India, as Google has taken a rather incredulous decision: YouTube is going offline. That means users will now be able to download and save videos and re-watch them without using up data.

This is huge news for a huge market; India is a one of the biggest on the planet and the fact that Google is catering to their users’ needs shows how important it is for them.

In the next few weeks YouTube India will start allowing the download and storage of videos to users’ devices. This will help a lot in a country where mobile internet is still somewhat limited and expensive. And it will no doubt make a lot of users happy.

It will be interesting to see how Google will handle advertising with this new model. It’s expected the new service will work somewhat similar to Amazon’s Kindle offering, which downloads a few ads while the device is online, and plays them back later.

There’s no word on whether this feature will make it anywhere outside of India, though no doubt many folks are hoping that will be the case.

Source: Medianama via: Gizmodo | Youtube homepage image via Shutterstock

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