Zoom Player Standard 4.0 Final

Zoom Player was originally conceived to fill a void in Multimedia playback. Prior to Zoom Player, playing media files on the PC was either overly simplistic for the Power User or overly cryptic to the common user. Zoom Player tries to both simplify the playback experience for the common user, while giving the Power Users all the tools and interfaces they may require to manipulate their playback environment to their exact specification. To that end, Zoom Player employs a slick and simple user interface, combined with easy to access features while at the same time providing advanced control dialogs over every feature imaginable.


  • Automatic detection of missing decoders, including links to downloading the latest versions.

  • Can utilize advanced media features with AVI/OGM/Matroska wrappers, including multiple audio tracks, subtitles, chaptering, auto-language detection and more!

  • Extensive Play List support (ZPL/B4S/ASX/M3U/WPL), including unicode file names!

  • 10-Band Equalizer and PreAmp with user selectable Presets.

  • Can play locked files allowing for previewing of files downloaded from eMule and similar P2P networks without having to copy the files first (Professional version).

  • etc...
Screenshot: Meida | Audio | Main User Interface

View: Full List of Features

Download: Zoom Player Standard 4.0 Final

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