Zune software users locked out by major bug, marketplace unavailable [Updated]

Microsoft just can't seem to get Zune right. Today, it looks like hundreds of users have been locked out of their desktop Zune software after a change in the Terms of Service for Zune Pass caused a prompt to appear within the software. It won't go away, no matter how many times you accept it.

The Terms of Service in question were actually updated back in July, and were effective in September, but for some reason many users are receiving the prompt now, and it won't go away. This means that users can't log into their accounts at all, nor can they listen to any music downloaded with Zune Pass previously, as it requires them to accept the condition change first.

Many users on Twitter are reporting the problem, and we're seeing the same issue on both our Zune desktop software, and subsequently, Windows Phone devices. There are forum threads also popping up on Microsoft's various support websites. Microsoft is yet to comment. We did some hunting and Microsoft has a KB for this already, however users are reporting that none of these steps are helping.

Additionally, it appears the Windows Phone / Zune Marketplace is unavailable for some users. 

More on this, as we hear it.

Updated​Reports are indicating that it's fixed now. Restarting Zune should resolve the problem.

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