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TerraMaster F2-212 review: Home media AV1 streaming and cloud backup on the cheap

TerraMaster reached out to me and asked if I was interested in checking out their newest entry level 2-bay TNAS device, the F2-212. I've had some experience with these devices, having recently reviewed the F2-223 and F4-423 and having owned a QNAP TS-253Be, Synology DS720+ and now the Synology DS923+, but for me, I only acquired them to do local and cloud backup and run my home theater solution using a combination of Emby and Plex.

All the aforementioned NAS devices I've owned are media-class, meaning they fully support having Emby or Plex installed on them and streaming over the network, aside from a few other things installed via Docker containers, or being able to follow a clear tutorial, that's about the extent of my expertise into the realm of network-attached storage devices goes; I'm still learning.

Here are the most important specifications:

TerraMaster F2-212
CPU Realtek 1619B (ARM V8.2 Cortex-A55 64-bit)
Quad Core, 1.7 GHz
Memory 1 GB DDR4 non-ECC (Maximum supported)
Disk Capacity 44 TB (22TB x2)
RAID Level TRAID, Single, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1
Network 1 x RJ-45 1 GbE (10/100/1000)
USB Ports 2 (1 x USB 2.0 and 1 x USB 3.0)
Power PSU 40W
20.1W (Seagate 4TB ST4000VN008 HDDs in R/W)
10.4W (Seagate 4TB ST4000VN008 HDDs in hibernation)
Size (H/W/D) 222 x 119 x 154 mm
Weight 1.3 Kg
Price $169.99

As you can see, it contains a Realtek processor, however I was unable to find any specific info about it other than on third party websites. Even the official Realtek page does not contain any useful information.

NAS Compares claims that the CPU is capable of decoding AV1 at 4K@60fps which is impressive within such a cheap device, not even the Intel Celeron N4505 included in the more expensive F2-223 is capable of decoding AV1 streams.

For the sake of being complete, and because I couldn't find an official page with this info, here is what NAS Compares says the chip is capable of:

  • GPU – ARM Mali G57
  • H.264 codec 2K60fps
  • H.265 decoder 4K60fps
  • H.265 Encoder 2K60fps
  • All HDR
  • AVS2.0 4K @60fps
  • VP9 Profile 2 Decoder @4k60fps
  • AV1 10bit Decoder @4K 60fps
  • Audio DAC SNR: 100dB / THD +N
  • Audio DSP 7.1ch shared CO-Processor for power management
  • Display support HDMI2.1 TX CEC

They also say that the chip is Quad core 2.0 GHz while on the TerraMaster page it is listed as Quad core 1.7 GHz, such fun... Although it's nice that it supports HDMI 2.1 as well, there's no port to attach a screen to the F2-212, so be prepared to configure this thing solely over the network, which also means you will need to have DHCP enabled so that a LAN address gets assigned.

First impressions

terramaster f2-212

The packaging is nothing to write home about, although I'm pleased to say that it did not come in a comically-oversized box, and minimal packing materials were used. Everything you need to get yourself started is included.

In the box

  • Host unit (x1)
  • Power cord (x1)
  • Power Adapter (x1)
  • RJ-45 network cable (x1)
  • Quick Installation Guide (x1)
  • Limited Warranty Note (x1)
  • Screws (a few)

terramaster f2-212


It is plain to see that this is a budget device, right down to how the molded plastic parts are fit together, with a line running all the way around the device and next to the second drive bay. Initially I thought its purpose was to be able to gain access to it somehow, but my contact told me that accessing it to change any parts, like expanding the memory, is not supported.

terramaster f2-212

On the front, you just have the two bays, their drive number and LED indicators for the HDDs, and power on the right. There is no LAN indicator and no power button. To access the HDDs, you must press at the top of the drive bay, which releases the bay to slide out. I would have liked to have a more satisfying click and connection on installing the drives, but it is what it is.

terramaster f2-212

Around the back, you can find the power button at the top left, the two USB ports, blue for USB 3.0 and black for USB 2.0, a 1GbE LAN port, and a connector for the barrel port power source. There's no Kensington Security Slot present or any means to connect a display.

terramaster f2-212

On the bottom, there are some holes to assist ventilation, the glued-on rubber feet and the device sticker. So, there's also no support for NVMe SSD storage, and as previously mentioned, or a means to access the F2-212 to increase the memory.

terramaster f2-212


Upon connecting to the LAN and booting up, the F2-212 can be reached by navigating to http://tnas.local or if that doesn't work, by the local address assigned via DHCP which you can find using the TNAS PC desktop application, which is essentially a F2-212 finder.

terramaster f2-212

The setup process is pretty straightforward, which I've included below.

I used a couple of my own 4 TB WD Red HDDs, since TerraMaster say that they no longer supply HDDs with review units. Upon using the "Default" initialization, which is an "Easy setup mode", TRAID (which is the in-house RAID solution) is used, meaning that users will only benefit from the total storage space of one drive, because the other is used for redundancy.

It would have been nice if TerraMaster used the ample space on the setup page to make it clear that TRAID would be used in the dual drive setup. Since this isn't a professional-class device, home users might want to use the maximum possible capacity of the two drives in JBOD (two drives, one storage pool and volume).

Terramaster F2-212
Very cheap Tos 5.1 Easy setup
No SSD option 1 Gigabit Ethernet Memory not expandable Mediocre hardware transcoding
July 25, 2023


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