FileOptimizer 8.50.1512


FileOptimizer is a lossless file size optimizer supporting AIR, APK, APNG APPX, BMP, CBZ, CHM, DOCX, DIB, DLL, EPUB, EXE, FAX, GIF, GZ, ICO, JAR, JPEG, LIB, MNG, MP3, MPP, OBJ, PNG, PPTX, ODT, OGG, OGV, PDF, PUB, SCR, SWF, TIF, VSD, WEBP, XAP, XLSX, and ZIP file formats among others.

It keeps the behavior of the file untouched, but with its size reduced thanks to several re-compression and optimization techniques.

Key features:

  • Suitable for home users that need to speedup file transfers no matter if they are in email attachments, P2P or shared upload servers.
  • Suitable for webmasters to increase the page load speed.
  • Suitable for web developers to reduce content weight.
  • Suitable for desktop developers in any platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS, ...) to reduce distribution sizes and reduce load times.
  • Suitable for mobile developers (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, ...) to reduce distribution sizes and reduce load times.
  • Suitable for server administrators that could integrate FileOptimizer via command line.
  • Suitable for content creators and distributors to reduce content weights.

Changes in FileOptimizer 8.50.1512:

  • Made interface fully HDPI aware. Now it reescales according to Windows scaling (@Zeyckler).
  • Added smpdf to the PDF toolchain (necros, maadjordan).
  • Added OLE and OBJ files detection by content.
  • Added optional GIF lossy recompression by adding Gifsicle Lossy (thanks to jibz for the binaries).
  • Added INI setting GIFAllowLossy=false to enable lossy GIF optimizations (maadjordan).
  • Added ECT multithreading support to make it faster with more than one core/CPU, and improve ratio with --allfilters.
  • Improved UPX compresion adding --nrv2d --crp-ms=999999.
  • Improved ECT compression.
  • Switched jpeg-recompress method to SmallFry due to better compression ratios than SSIM, at least until it is patented.
  • Replaced tidy-html5 4.9.26-191-gb4efe74 with official Tidy 5.1.14 to avoid errors on old Windows versions (maadjordan).
  • Added Flash (.fla) format and enhance extension lists to the OLE tool chain (maadjordan).
  • Added Revit FAmily file extensions (.rft, .rfa, .rte) to the OLE tool chain (maadjordan).
  • Added more OLE extensions from .ac .adp .apr .db .opt .msc .mtw .wps .spo .sou .xla (maadjordan).
  • Clarified via tooltip (hint) that Enable Tidy (HTMLEnableTidy INI setting) in the HTML options tab, applies also to SVG (maadjordan).
  • Fixed some english typos (thanks Armin).
  • Improved already running instances detection.
  • Updated to ECT x86 and x64 optimized builds (thanks Malloc Voidstar).
  • Updated ImageMagick with HDRI support.
  • Updated to NSIS 3.0.

Download: FileOptimizer 8.50.1512 | 30.2 MB (Open Source)
Download: Portable FileOptimizer 8.50.1512 | 52.6 MB
View: FileOptimizer Website

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