Lenovo Legion Phone Duel unboxing and first impressions

A few weeks ago, Lenovo announced its first gaming phone, the Legion Phone Duel. The firm did not pull any punches with the device. In fact, the model that Lenovo sent me has specs that are closer to a laptop, with 16GB RAM and 512GB of internal storage.

While it has all kinds of perks, probably the highlight of this Snapdragon 865+-powered smartphone is the 144Hz AMOLED display. It's beautiful, and it's one of the smoothest smartphone displays on the market. That higher refresh rate could give you that additional edge you need.

The phone is meant to be held in landscape orientation, as you can see from the pop-up camera that comes out of the side in the image above. That camera isn't necessarily meant for selfies; it's for streaming. And aside from the holographic blue back, it also has a Legion logo that lights up when the device is being used.

While it has dual 2,500mAh batteries, it also has two charging ports. This allows for 90W fast charging if you use both ports at once. Check out the unboxing video below:

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