100Mb Broadband to be debuted in UK

Cable company NTL will be trialling a new service in March. In partnership with Arris and BitTorrent the trial will take place in Ashford, Kent. The 100Mb speed will be 10 times the highest speed offered by NTL at the moment.

NTL aren't just offering this speed increase out of the goodness of their hearts, the bosses at NTL have been working hard over the past few months, with a takeover of Telewest broadband currently taking place and a proposed bid for Virgin Mobile. This move will add another direction to their plans. With a 100Mb service HD videos will be readily available, and with the support of BitTorrent these can easily be shared, with appropriate licenses of course.

A 100Mb service will mean that the UK will finally compete with the rest of the world in terms of high speed broadband, with countries in Europe and Asia offering speeds of 10Mb or higher years ago. It will also be a huge push for HD technology in the next year, with on demand movies available and the possibility of a service that could rival Sky's 'Sky+' package.

It's definitely a rollercoaster of a time at NTL at the moment, just a fortnight ago broadband users around the country were subject to regular cuts in their service and there have been frustrated calls from users disappointed with their new 10Mb connection. One things for sure though, when a 100Mb service becomes available speed enthusiasts will be queuing up to put pen to paper.

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