20 DVDs on one CDR?

ok cheers NewsGeek, I waited for some more light to be thrown on the subject, but this one keeps popping up, so here goes.

Blurb: This is an article in a big Belgium Newspaper, so it should really be true. It's about a new invention that is able to put 20 DVD movies on 1 CD-ROM.

Someone scanned the article that can be found here. It is however in Dutch, so I will summarize it a little for our non Dutch reading visitors:

Defosse, a Belgian inventor has developed DGS (Defosse Digital System) a digital language that makes it possible to edit images,movies and music at such a way that it is possible to store it at a much more efficient way.

Defosse has demonstrated some of the possibilities to the newspaper and the newspaper was not able to see anything that could make the demonstration fake.

One of the things he demonstrated was zooming on to a picture, nowadays not possible to zoom in about 2000 times without having a very big quality loss, DGS is able to do this thousands of times without quality loss and the file is even just about 19 MB, Defosse says that it is even possible to bring this down to 500k.

News source: NewsGeek

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