Adblock Plus launches for Android, kills ads on web AND in apps

Most of us understand that ads within apps are something of a necessary evil. While no-one likes ads, we begrudgingly acknowledge that those who work hard to develop and perfect the apps that we use - and which we often expect to download free of charge - deserve some recompense for their efforts. If we're too stingy to pay up front, ads are usually an acceptable compromise.

But of course, deep down, we all want a free lunch with no strings attached. Adblock Plus, the popular web plug-in that has liberated so many of us from the scourge of ads in our PC web browsers, is now making that happen on our smartphones, as it launches a version designed for Android handsets, available now from the Google Play store.

The app "blocks all annoying ads on your Android device" with "no root required". More than just killing ads within your phone or tablet browser, Adblock Plus promises to go even further, by eliminating all ads from your apps too. Indeed, it's claimed that it will block "mobile ads, video advertising, banners, push notifications, display advertising, HTML5 advertising and much more".

The app requires Android 2.1 Eclair or above, but there may be some compatibility and functionality issues, depending on your Android version and whether or not you've already rooted your device. Be sure to check for details before downloading.

For Android users, this will be manna from heaven. For Android developers relying on ads to generate revenues from their free apps, this won't be welcome news at all.

If you're new to Adblock Plus, check out the vid below for a quick overview:

Source and image: Google Play | via BGR

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