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AdDuplex: Windows 10 Mobile being tested on HTC 8X, Samsung ATIV SE, Huawei W1, and more

Mobile advertising network AdDuplex published its latest monthly breakdown of Microsoft's smartphone ecosystem today, showing another sizeable increase in usage for Windows 10 Mobile. As part of that report, it also published various insights regarding unreleased devices, as well as indications of some older handsets being tested with the new OS.

As you can see from the slide, there are references to a number of devices that have been identified in use. Some of these are 5-inch Microsoft handsets - perhaps prototypes of the Lumia 650, 750 and 850; but as AdDuplex points out, these appearances have been few in number, suggesting that not all of them are destined for release, which lines up with recent indications that only the 650 will make it to market.

Another Lumia handset, with a 5.4-inch 1280x768px display, has also popped up a few times - but aside from the RM-1160/1162 model number, nothing else is known about this phone.

There are indications that this image could become a reality - but don't get your hopes up

But alongside references to other new devices - including what might be "the first Windows 10 Mobile tablet", AdDuplex also notes that it has tracked "a lot of promising data" showing older non-Microsoft handsets running the new OS. It says that "there are phones being tested from basically every manufacturer out there", including:

  • HTC One M8
  • HTC Windows Phone 8X
  • LG Lancet
  • Samsung ATIV S
  • Samsung ATIV SE
  • Huawei Ascend W1
  • Huawei Ascend W2
  • ...and others

It's no surprise to see the HTC One M8 and LG Lancet on that list, since Microsoft already supports Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview builds on both of these devices.

But while it's certainly encouraging to see the other handsets on that list, it's worth sounding a note of caution: just because Windows 10 Mobile is being tested on these devices, that's no guarantee that their respective manufacturers will actually support the OS upgrade for all of them.

Samsung's ATIV S, for example, is now over three years old, and the company has previously demonstrated that it has little interest in providing upgrades for such old handsets.

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