Advertising on your mobile phone

According to Reuters you might be seeing advertisements on your mobile phones. This is due in large part to the success of the iPhone and the AppStore.

Content authors have the ability to embed advertisements into the software downloaded from AppStore and similar distribution services.

A proposed possibility for the types of ads are those which are relative to your location. For example, find yourself wandering in downtown Toronto and you'll be targeted with ads about nearby restaurants and shops.

There are still several hurdles to the implementation of advertisements on mobile phones. One of which is that it is difficult to not clutter the small display of a cell phone. Another issue being the lack of standards that are in place for such a project.

While it might be quite some time before your cell phone screen is cluttered with a flashing banner alerting you to the sales of a store just across the street, it is reported that AOL is currently selling advertising placements on it's mobile web browser.

While certainly one option, this move by AOL does not target the predominant market of cell phone users without a data plan. It excludes those who simply talk and text.

Eyes will be on the mobile phone service providers and on the small, cramped, mobile screens in the coming year.

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