afreeCodecVT 2.0.82

Determine the Audio and Video codec required to view your video. Once the codec or problem is determined, you may easily search and download the codec using the software.

Whats New:

* New Codec Library stores a listing of available definitions.
* Enhanced live update allows you to select which updates to install.
* Upgraded search panel to easily search afreecodec, Google and afreeDLL.
* The visual GUI has been fully implamented.
* New tooltips that display additional support information.
* New option to "Open With VT" added to explorer menu. (Optional)
* Clicking FourCC / Audio Code displays codec library information.
* Clicking Audio / Video Codec begins a search option.
* Order in which sound plays onclick fixed to eliminate delay.
* New right click menu on videos for additional options such as zoom.
* Codec Wizard option added or easy access to online support.
* Live update notification icon added to the bottom right.
* .AVI file verified to determine if the file is valid / complete.
* Basic information now displays resolution, frames and FPS.
* Download / Search icons added to basic info screen when available.
* Media Player progress bars for video and audio enhanced.
* Mini preview enlarged in new permanent position. (Lower Left)
* Application options limited until a video is loaded.
* Added option to view revision history in update area.
* New codec definition database for easy definition updating.
* Added additional help options.
* Fixed misc video and application bugs.
* New codec definitions updated and added.

Download: afreeCodecVT 2.0.82
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Home Page

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