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AIM Beta

AOL AIM is the next generation release of AOL Instant Messenger. Using the AIM Buddy List feature, see when your buddies are online and available to instant message. The sleek new design takes instant messaging to the next level. With screen name linking, Mobile IM, Quicknote mail, an integrated Address Book, and much, much more, instant messaging is more accessible, powerful and more fun than ever. The build also includes improvements and bug fixes to the Live Video feature. You are now able to display your video session in full screen mode. To do so, start the video session, select Actions, then select Display Video Full Screen. You can also toggle your camera view in the video screen. To do this, select Actions, then select Show My Camera View.


  • Changing Text Highlight color in Settings window does not reflect/applied to Settings and IM window
  • Workaround: Set text highlight via IM window format bar
  • You need to scroll down Settings page to see the Styles tab
  • Get 'Connect error' when trying to start an Instant Images session using a linked name
  • Get 'File Transfer Failed' when trying to start a File Transfer session using a linked name
  • Links in notifications/alerts may not dispatch properly
  • Using the Buddy View contextual menu to set the position of the buddy view control fails until it position is set via the Actions menu
  • When using a wallpaper other than white, the typing indicator container remains in IM history after text has faded
  • Several IM/EIM buttons are lacking tool tips
  • For some users, clicking the Sign In button on the Sign On screen has no effect. We have found this happens when your My Documents folder is either mapped to a removable or separate hard drive. To fix, re-map your My Documents folder to your main drive. Issue will be fixed it later
  • Performing install / upgrade from AIM 6.0 to the latest Cheers build results in 'The installer failed to copy some required files' error message in 'AOL Toolbar Install' screen
  • AIM Phoneline: Unable to place second outgoing call
  • AIM Phoneline: Unable to receive second incoming call [AIM Digits Free Service] Workaround: Restart client
  • AIM Phoneline: DTMF buttons are not functional
  • After setting a different Away Message as the Default, the previous Default is still used until you Apply the change twice
  • Installer: Text on the Toolbar Install screen reads incorrectly as 'AOL Suite Preview'
  • After choosing to install Toolbar during AIM installation, all installer UI disappears for a few seconds while Toolbar installer is downloading
  • My Buddy Info: Insert Image dialog cannot be resized (so you can only see a small portion at a time of normal-sized images)
  • Inserted images in Buddy Info causes AIM Today page contents to shift downward creating lots of blank space at the top of the page
  • Buddy List Docking : The Docked Buddy List crashes while dragging to resize it when the OS fonts are set to large
  • Buddy List Docking : The Vista Sidebar does not dock correctly if the Buddy List is already docked
  • Buddy List Docking : Can only dock the Buddy List to the extreme left or right of a dual monitor setup
  • Buddy List Docking : You are able to vertically resize the Buddy List while it is docked
  • Setting away state to "Mobile" with an IM Forward capable user requires two attempts
This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

Download: AIM Beta
Link: AOL Beta | Forum Discussion (Thanks InnerGlow)
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