All major Canadian ISPs throttling P2P

It seems as if throttling P2P is now the thing to do if you're a major ISP. We first broke wind that Comcast was doing it and that the Australia was putting the lock down on P2P and it now seems Canada is following suite.

After allegations arose of P2P throttling "Bell, Cogeco, Rogers and Eastlink all admit to slowing down P2P traffic, arguing that it negatively affects network performance." All of the ISP's claim the usual argument that P2P degrades network performance.

Like other ISP's, the Canadian ISP's forget that there is legitimate use in P2P technology and that very popular games like WOW use it to help distribute patches and game updates.

If you live in Canada and have been experiencing the throttling we would like to know! Leave us a comment or submit your story to the news desk.

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