Amazon's Alexa is coming to the HTC U11 next week

Digital assistants have become extremely important over the past couple of years, offering us a new and intelligent way of interacting with our devices. Yes, it's true that Apple had a head start with Siri, but the new generation of assistants are smarter, more fluid and can come packed in all different types of products.

Amazon's Alexa is one of the most popular offerings on the market today, with the firm bundling the intelligent personal assistant into products like the Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV, and more. While Alexa is heavily associated with Amazon products, it has managed to find its way into other brands devices as well like Huawei's Mate 9 and now HTC's U11.

According to a new tweet pushed by HTC, the U11 will gain Alexa support in three days. This feature will most likely work similar to Huawei's implementation, being offered as an app that can link with an Amazon users account. While this will certainly be exciting, one can only hope that the device's implementation will be much better than what was found on the Mate 9, which required a physical interaction with the app in order to get the ball rolling.

Source: HTC | Image via HTC

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