AMD dealers up Athlon 64 3400+ ante

ONE OF OUR READERS notes that a number of US resellers on Dealtime list the forthcoming Athlon 64 3400+, suggesting that it won't be long now before the chip is out and about. He says that one firm, Zipzoomfly, lists them as being available "today", but there is a big difference between online sites selling CPUs and microprocessors sold through the usual distributor and retail channel.

If AMD does manage to get the 3400+ Athlon 64 out in the next week or two, it suggests that Intel will have a real headache on its hands. Although some low frequency Prescotts, as we reported late December, are in the European distribution channel, we're not sure if the release of a 3.4GHz Extreme Edition, based on the Gallatin, is quite in the same category as Intel's desktop volume processors.

If AMD does shove the 3400+ out of the door quickly, will the FX53 be far behind? It might be. Sources close to AMD's partners continue to tell us that volumes of Athlon 64 chips are still somewhat constrained. And the late release of Windows 64 for AMD is a bit of a drag on sales. Nvidia is expected to release its Nforce 3 250 during the course of this month.

News source: The Inq

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