AMD will be giving away a free subscription to Game Pass for PC with select CPUs and GPUs

Alongside a rehash of some of the new CPUs it's going to be releasing this year, AMD today announced its new Radeon RX 5700 series of GPUs and a new 16-core CPU in the guise of the Ryzen 9 3950X. Alongside these announcements, the company also had quite the treat of an announcement for fans of both Microsoft and AMD.

The company will be giving away a free subscription for three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC to all buyers of a Radeon 5700 series GPUs and also with select CPUs from its next-gen Ryzen lineup of CPUs. Unfortunately, the announcement didn't specify exactly which CPUs will be eligible for the offer.

While those details will need to wait for further clarification from the chipmaker, what we do know, from Microsoft's earlier announcement pertaining to the Game Pass, is that PC gamers will be able to enjoy over 100 games through it. This will include all new major releases from Xbox Game Studios, including the 14 first-party titles the company talked about at its E3 conference yesterday, such as Gears 5. You certainly won't be lacking for games to enjoy on your new Radeon 5700 GPU - for the first three months, at least.

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