Android eating RIM's marketshare rapidly in the US; 15% drop in Q3

The BlackBerry is going the way of the dinosaurs. Or at least, it will be extinct soon at the rate the company is losing market share in the US. In the last three months, the company has seen a incredible drop of 15% in US market share on the same period last year.


Q3 2011

Q3 2010













RIM 9% 24%

According to Business Insider today, who obtained the statistics from Canalys, the company dropped from 24% market share down to 9% in the three months that made up Q3 2011. It's clear that Android is literally ripping the shares from RIM's (almost) cold, dead hands. The numbers in the report show HTC market share being up to 24% from 14%, and Samsung market share being up to 21% from 14% in the same quarter last year.

Android's growth is undeniable in this look at market share, and it's only going to get even more powerful as Android 4.0 based devices hit the market in November. It's worth noting that the drop in Apple marketshare from 26% to 20% is due to people holding off on buying iPhones before the announcement of the iPhone 4S (which was announced just after Q3 completed).

In total, HTC and Samsung now hold over 45% of the market, and its sad to see RIM losing so much ground. With the release of several ill-fated devices and a major outage this year, and the company now scrambling to get the Android app store on their platform, it may be too late for a company that's becoming slow and out of date.

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