Android P might be called Popsicle, but probably not

Apparently, some companies like to share phone wallpapers on Instagram Stories for people to screenshot and use. Today, Google posted a set of spring wallpapers, one of which is full of popsicles, as spotted by 9to5Google.

Of course, this implies that the upcoming Android 9.0 update, which is called Android P right now, will be named Android Popsicle. Keep in mind, however, that this is probably not the case.

Let's face it; Google is renowned for trolling users when it comes to stuff like this. For Android O, there was an Easter egg that implied that the name would be Android Octopus. The internal codenames tend to leak for these as well, such as Android N's New York Cheesecake.

The point is, the names that we hear about this far ahead of time in the development cycle are never the actual name of the OS update, especially when Google teases that name itself.

Google's I/O 2018 developer conference is coming up next month, and it's possible that the company could announce the name there. It's more likely, however, that it will be later, such as this summer. If you want to check out the full set of spring wallpapers that were shown off today, you can find them here, or you can check out Google's Instagram Story.

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