Android Silver may arrive in February 2015; Nexus 6 may be dead

Rumors about Android Silver have been going around the last few months but now, thanks to infamous leaker @evleaks, we have an actual launch date for the program.

According to this leak, the Android Silver program and devices will become public somewhere in February 2015. This is in line with earlier rumors that pegged a release for early next year.

Android Silver is Google’s step forward after abandoning its Nexus program. Silver means Android OEMs will get to design and market a phone to Google’s specifications, with the search company handling marketing and exposure for the devices.

Google is also committing to OTA updates that will always arrive on time, lack bloatware, and maintain a pure Google experience on all Silver devices. It’s basically taking the best aspects of the Nexus program and allowing more OEMs to join the party. All the while, Google maintains a strong grip on Android’s image and experience.

The timing of this program also hints at the very real possibility that we won't see a Nexus 6 device -- a possibility that @evleaks eluded to earlier, saying the Nexus program is dead.  If Silver is indeed implemented, OEMs will need time to prepare new devices so the Nexus 6 may be completely scrapped. Instead of a new device coming out late this year we might see a fleet of device launching in February of 2015. Then again, this isn't definitive proof of that timetable so we may still see a Nexus 6 being launched later this year, as a filler until the new program comes into effect. 

One thing is certain though, with Silver Google is becoming even more involved in Android, and this may spell a better experience for consumers -- but also less flexibility for OEMs. 2015 may define what will be deemed “true Android,” which will be Google’s singular vision.

Source: @evleaks | Image via Techspot

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