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Anthropic rolls out Claude 2 AI to users in 95 countries

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You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT at this point but you may not have heard about Anthropic (the company) and Claude (its AI chatbot). Until Tuesday, Claude was restricted to just a few countries but now it’s available to use for free in 95 countries.

One of the good things about Claude 2 when compared to ChatGPT is the ability to upload files. Perhaps you want to get a summary or ask questions about a new PDF report that has been released, or you want to get some tips for your CV; with the file upload feature you can do all of this.

Quora’s Poe platform lets you upload files to ChatGPT but if the file is longer then not all of it is read but this isn’t an issue with Claude 2 as it supports a huge 100,000 tokens to take in more information.

Similar to the rollout of Google’s Bard, it seems that Claude 2 is still not available in the European Union (EU) which has more rigid guidelines on privacy. It is available in countries like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the US. Canada is a glaring omission too.

The full list of supported countries is available to read on Anthropic’s website. If you live outside of Canada and the EU then there will be a good chance that you can access Claude 2 now.

Anthropic launched Claude 2 back in July to users in the US and the UK. At the time, Anthropic said that the model excelled in coding and maths doing better in various benchmarks compared to Claude 1.3.

Claude has set itself apart from other models like Bard and ChatGPT by being able to parse large files, however, this capability will probably be replicated sooner or later by the other players. Another main aim of Claude is to provide answers that are ‘harmless’ - this goal is important for all AI makers so that their products don’t become a threat.

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