Apple Announces Remote Desktop 3

Today, Apple announced Apple Remote Desktop 3. The release offers a wide range of high performance desktop management features including lightning-fast Spotlight searches across multiple Tiger systems; over 30 Automator actions for easily automating repetitive system administration tasks; a Dashboard Widget that provides quick and convenient observation of remote systems; and AutoInstall for installing software automatically on mobile systems when they return online.

Other new features in Apple Remote Desktop 3 include:

- System Status Indicators that let administrators quickly check the
overall health of multiple systems at a glance
- Power Copy files up to 11 times faster than with Apple Remote Desktop
- Remote Drag and Drop files and folders between local and remote
- Remote Copy and Paste for simple transfer of text and images between
local and remote computers
- Persistent Task History and Task Templates to make it easy to save and
replicate repetitive tasks
- Curtain Mode to hide the desktop of a system while it is being
controlled remotely
- Application Usage and User History Reports to track software compliance
and monitor the use of unauthorized applications
- Smart Computer Lists for dynamically managing systems based on
specified criteria
- AES 128-bit encryption for secure communications between Apple Remote
Desktop 3 and clients.

Apple Remote Desktop 3 will be avaliable today for $299 for a 10 computer license and $499 for an unlimited license.

News source: PR Newswire

Thanks to thefunkymonkey for the heads up!

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