Apple Begins New Get a Mac Ad Campaign

To bolster their opinion among the average consumer, Apple has revamped its almost non existent Mac advertising campaign with instead a massive, in comparison, six TV advertisement campaign as well as a new addition to the Apple website featuring a fourteen bullet list of the advantages of owning a Mac as well as a new section dispelling common myths and rumors surrounding the platform.


The new advertisements feature two actors (one representing a PC and one representing a Mac) comparing the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Mac (not surprisingly, not many disadvantages).


The list goes on but the main points featured by some ads are high praise and opinion by the Wall Street Journal, interoperability between PC's as well as consumer devices eg: digital cameras. In addition they go even as far as speaking about viruses or there lack of as well as the splendors of iLife. The Ads can be seen on Apple's website in small, medium, large, or HD formats.


With somewhat steady stock prices, the impact from this new campaign should be fairly well received and perhaps even return Apple to the mid $80's as seen in January with the announcement of Apple's first Intel Macs.

News source: Apple

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