Yahoo! debuts new technology section

Internet search giant Yahoo! has taken the plunge and introduced a sickle-sweet combination of advertising and advice under the guise of a new technology section on its famed portal.

The 19-strong sections cover many of today's hot products and technologies, including a Games section, MP3 players and TVs. The main purpose of the advice section is to simplify the new technology for non-tech heads but Yahoo! hope to appeal to experts and novices alike.

Yahoo! Tech's general manager, Patrick Houston boldly said: "We want to free people from the tyranny of geekspeak."

Ex-ABC and CNN tech girl Becky Worley will host a weekly video segment called "Hook me up" where users can pitch a video idea for the site to cover. Also present are advisors geared towards a particular stereotype, e.g. The Mom, The Working Guy - through which users can relate and make decisions.

The functional and attractive new section is more than a money-making expedition, think of it as a CNET-lite. It seems that Yahoo! have finally bridged a gap in their portal, and it will be interesting to see what the website will have to cover next in order to keep up with rivals Google and MSN.

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