Apple fixes 33 security holes

Today Apple shipped another security update for Mac OS X, this time they published at least 33 updates according to ZDNet. The updates include various third party software updates affecting Mac OS X users.

One of the updates includes a fix for Adobe Flash Player, which was shipped with Snow Leopard last week. Apple shipped Snow Leopard to stores with a vulnerable version of Adobe Flash Player, leaving all users who upgraded or did a clean installation at risk.

The security package patches for software includes Adobe's Flash Player plug-in, Clam AV, MySQL and PHP. The security package also includes more serious security patches for components including Alias Manager, CarbonCore, ColorSync, CoreGraphics and ImageIO.

Update 2009-005 will patch several "arbitrary code execution" vulnerabilities that can exploit a user's machine if tricked into opening certain file types.

Adobe Flash Player plug-in released nine different vulnerability patches yesterday, included in security update 2009-005. The most dangerous security hole could compromise a computer through rigged websites.

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