Apple increasing song preview length in iTunes

Apple is believed to be increasing the music preview time of iTunes music from 30 seconds to 90 seconds in an upcoming update to the iTunes store, according to a letter seen by the website Apple Insider.

Currently, this letter only makes mention of United States music downloads, although it is expected that most other countries will follow suit, as it is likely that all music will have to adhere to the new agreement. Music companies have to agree to the letter to confirm that they have accepted the terms, although it is understood that most of the larger labels already knew that this change was in motion.

As has long been rumored, the letter directed to music labels states that Apple is indeed increasing the length of music previews to 90 seconds. If the song in question is shorter than two and a half minutes in length, the preview will remain at 30 seconds.

There are currently no details as to when this increase will take place, but on the assumption that Apple has been speaking to music companies for some, it's likely not too far away.

In other iTunes related news, Steve Jobs has also said that iTunes LP and iTunes Extras will be making their way to the new version of Apple TV. Strangely, this was removed when the new hardware came out last month, and users were unsure if it would ever return. As usual, when a user asked Steve Jobs directly by e-mail, they received a short reply of "Coming."

Apple is expected to launch iTunes 10.1 in the next week or so alongside the next revision of iOS.

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