Apple press event October 20, 'Back to the Mac'

Apple has begun to alert the press that they will be holding an event on October 20. The event, which has a tag line of 'Back to the Mac', will naturally be focusing on the Mac side of Apple's operations.

The image doesn't give many hints about what to expect besides potential new hardware or a product refresh. The lion behind the logo may indicate that they are ready to talk about the next version of OS X. While it seems like Snow Leopard was just released, Apple has a habit of releasing an OS update every 18-24 months and announcing the new platform about a year before it goes on sale. 

There have been a shipment of Verizon iPhone rumors over the past few months but it's highly unlikely that any announcement will be made regarding that device. A more likely update would be refreshed MacBook Air devices, which have not seen an update for some time. What else Steve and Apple will show off is a mystery that will be unveiled next week, just a day before Microsoft starts selling its Windows Phone 7 devices.

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