Apple to hold special iPhone 4 conference on Friday

Apple will be holding a special conference this coming Friday for the iPhone 4. Not much information is available about what will be discussed or if anything will be revealed. The conference will be just about the iPhone 4 and starts on July 16 at 10am PDT.

Digital Daily mentioned that the conference could mention a new manufacturing technique that would see a non-conductive coating applied to the phones external antenna. The new manufacturing process might ultimately ruin the overall look of the phone, but it would correct the signal issues.

As mentioned earlier today, the iOS 4.1 beta software update has not yet fixed the “death grip” on the phone. Apple announced a software fix was in the works at the start of the month, however, AppleCare workers were quick to dismiss this as a plausible fix.

All eyes will be on this invitation-only event on Friday, in hopes that Apple will finally address the issue of the iPhone 4 hardware problem and announce their plan to correct the problem, which might include a recall of the device.

Analysts predict that if Apple does announce a recall, they could be looking at upwards of $1.5 billion, and almost $200 million for everyday they continue to hold off.

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