AppSnap 1.3.0 pre1

AppSnap is an application that simplifies installation of software. It automatically figures out the latest version, downloads the installer and then installs the software in one seamless step. AppSnap is primarily designed for Windows which does not have any decent package manager such as APT and RPM as in the Linux world.

** Features **

* Detect latest version of supported applications
* Download, install, upgrade and uninstall
* Fully functional GUI and CLI
* Manage installed and upgradeable applications
* Manage AppSnap updates from within itself
* Update growing application database from central repository
* Create single application repository to be used by AppSnap on an intranet
* Support proxy configurations
* Parallel downloads with progress information
* Filter applications by category and keywords
* Free and Open Source

** What's New **

* New Applications

- Development : Py2Exe, wxPython Documentation
- Fun and Games : Battle for Wesnoth, Tremulous
- Internet : Google Talk, Maxthon, Opera, Skype, X-Chat, Yahoo Messenger
- Libraries : K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, OpenSSL
- Productivity : DVD-Flick, ImgBurn, Inkscape
- Utilities : ImageMagick, Launchy, RocketDock, Synergy

* GUI Enhancements
- Brand new look and feel sporting a vertical layout and colors.
- Added the Upgradeable category that lists all installed applications with
available upgrades.
- AppSnap now displays download progress information.
- Applications can now be filtered by name based on a user specified string.
- The CLI can now filter applications by category as well as user specified
strings, both for listing as well as to perform application specific actions.
- Added a bug report button to simplify reporting problems.

* Internal Improvements
- Support for parallel downloading in order to make best use of the available
- AppSnap now caches the version information obtained by scraping for a user
configurable time limit (default 2 days) after which the information needs
to be downloaded again.
- Intelligent Python based build system to simplify packaging AppSnap.
- Installer is now capable of detecting and uninstalling older versions. AppSnap
can now be added to its own database.
- Installer now deletes only installed files thus preserving installed.ini,
userdb.ini and the cache directory.
- Installer now supports silent uninstallation.
- AppSnap source is now distributed in a ZIP archive by the installer.
- Added MAJORMINORSUB_VERSION in order to support ImageMagick uninstallation.
- Added a test flag to the CLI to verify that an application is downloadable
without having to download the entire installer.

* Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug in "Update DB" where a failed DB download was wiping out the current
DB and killing AppSnap.
- Installer filenames which do not contain any version information are now
redownloaded if cache timeout has expired (configured in config.ini) since we
have no way to know if the file has changed.
- Obsolete sections in installed.ini are now filtered out.
- Added some more error checking to update DB.
- AppSnap no longer displays a console window during installs/uninstalls.
- Fixed bug in CLI that was causing crash if latest version detection failed.
- Fixed bug in uninstallation where quotes were being lost when uninstaller had
upper case characters.

* Scrape Fixes
- Fixed Adobe Reader scraping and download link.
- Fixed Firefox and Thunderbird download links, ftp was not working.
- WinSCP version scraping now done on Sourceforge.
- Dia's version search now includes pre-releases - e.g. 0.96-pre4
- uTorrent now has sub-version numbering - e.g. 1.6.1
- Fixed InnoSetup and Azureus version regex.

Download: AppSnap 1.3.0 pre1 freeware
Screenshot: >> Click here
AppSnap Home Page

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