Armed Assault Demo Released!

Thanks to Lovell for the heads up.

A 850+ meg demo for Bohemia Interactive's Armed Assault has been released today! The demo which is a multiplayer only demo offers a small-ish portion of the main island of Sahrani. It supports CTF, Coop and the CTI game mode. Coop mode supports 1-8 players, CTF supports 1-16 players and the CTI mode supports 1-60 players. The demo limits the selection of weapons, vehicles and units you can use.

This demo is in English and uses Gamespy for the in-game server browser. There are around 30 or more servers now, and several of them are running CTI and full at this moment. So you will have plenty of people to play with. Unfortunately the game does not offer any in-game help or tutorials so there is a large learning curve to start with. Operation Flashpoint veterans may have an easier time, then again maybe not. Enjoy folks!

Link: Armed Assault Homepage | Neowin Forum Discussion
Download: Gamershell | GGMania | Fileplanet |

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