America's Army 2.8: Coalition Released!

A brand spanking new version of America's Army: Special Forces was released today, this time named Coalition. This new version offers a major addition to the game, and that happens to be the new mission editor! That's right, anyone can now make a map for America's Army, of course the map/mission has to be submitted and then approved before it can be made available to the rest of the public hosted through America's Army servers. The website for submitting maps is called the Mission Depot

That's pretty much the changelog, as there are no new maps this time around, and there are the usual bugfixes of course, but I won't list them here this time. But hey, a mission editor rocks, and its probably one of if not the most requested feature AA has had since release. So enjoy the new version everyone, and hopefully pretty soon we will start seeing some awesome new maps/missions for America's Army!

Please be aware, the download for this new version is huge, clocking in at 2.5 gigs for a new install. Some browsers may have issues with this large of a file. There is a smaller patch available for 2.7 users.

Link: Amercia's Army 2.8 Release Notes
Download: 3D Gamers | Filefront - Patch version - 270 megs
Download: 3D Gamers | Filefront | Gamershell | VGPro - Full Installer - 2.5 GB

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