ASUS GeForce 8800 Shipping Woes

It appears that customers in the Netherlands are experiencing long delays with the shipping of GeForce 8800 PCIe cards.

A representative from the online MyCom Direct store, part of a large chain of high street computer retail outlets, stated in an email to Neowin that their hands are tied and they are currently waiting on a shipment from Asus, now expected on the 29th of October. After more than a month of delays he could not guarantee that the cards would finally arrive on that date due to problems Asus are having actually shipping the cards.

MyCom had been telling it's customers in previous emails and telephone support that delivery would take place on the 28th of September, then 2 weeks later on the 12th and most recently before the latest expected delivery date, on Tuesday - 2 days ago. MyCom have said that other Asus products have not been affected.

Have you had issues trying to get hold of an Asus 8800 PCIe card? Tell us by making a comment.

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