ATI programmer's name in Half Life code no mystery

PEOPLE WHO HAVE ANALYSED the leaked code of Half Life 2, as reported earlier, say that an ATI programmer's name, Guennada Riguer, is liberally sprinkled throughout the game code. But that, said ATI today, means nothing more than the firm has helped to optimise the code so that the game runs properly on hardware.

Guennadu Riguer is a software engineer at ATI in Canada, but explained Richard Huddy, who manages game developer relations at the firm, there is no significance to the find. Huddy said: "There's no ATI specific parts [in the code]," he said. "They're all just paths for DirectX9".

He said that ATI had taken a conscious decision just to write to the DirectX 9 specification, without adding anything else to the mix. Graphics chip companies including Nvidia and ATI, said Huddy, have long collaborated with games developers to assist them to develop efficient code.

News source: The Inq

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