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ATI Readies Top-to-Bottom DirectX 10 Graphics Cores Lineup

ATI Technologies, a leading supplier of graphics processors and multimedia technologies, may be ready with the top-to-bottom lineup of DirectX 10-supporting graphics processor and a chipset with built-in DirectX 10 graphics core as early as by CeBIT 2007, according to sources close to the company.

It was earlier reported that ATI's first DirectX 10 graphics chip known under R600 code-named had been taped out, which means that development teams at ATI Technologies have several months to complete the designs of mainstream and entry-level graphics processors and then to built-in low-end graphics core into ATI's chipset code-named RS700. Theoretically, sources indicated, ATI may be able to demonstrate not only the family of DirectX 10 discrete chips at CeBIT 2007, but also the integrated part, although, the latter should be actually available towards middle of the year.

Back in 2005 ATI released its top-to-bottom family of DirectX 10 shader model 3.0 chips in October. But that happened due to the fact that the company failed to launch the Radeon X1800 (R520) on time in May 2005, six month after the initial tape-out due to failures with the design, which resulted in lower-than-expected yield at high speeds.

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News source: Xbit Labs

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