Avast falsely alerts safe software as Trojans

Many users are raging about a recent update to their Avast anti-virus software that is giving off false positives on their system, alerting them of Trojan's might be on their PC. Avast is alerting users of freshly downloaded files that they might be at risk, even when the file is safe.

Avast is reporting safe applications such as Spybot – Search and Destroy, Skype and other applications incorrectly that they may contain the Win32:Delf-MZG Trojan.

The support forums for Avast are currently down due to a huge increase in user traffic, trying to figure out why their once safe applications are being detected as infected.

Avast recently passed their 100 millionth user, being one of the top anti-virus software available; even winning a recommendation from CNet Security Starter Kit 2010 protection.

Users receiving the false positives on their systems should disable the security shield by Avast, until the problem is resolved.

Update: It appears that Avast has quickly reacted to the false alarm claims and released another definition update "3.12.2009 - 91203-1", described as, "This VPS update contains only fixes to existing definitions or removal of false alarms."

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