Bad News for NTL customers

In Holland they just limited the upstream to 256kbit :( It improved service tho! :) - Neobond

NTL, the debt-riddled cable company, has effectively added a 1 GB downstream per day cap for it's UK users. Although there is not (as yet) any firm cut-off which stops users going over this limit, a "clarification" of what "normal use" is in their AUP policy indicates that this will probably be looming. The company points out that 1Gb is equivalent to 200 MP3s, 10,000 pictures or 650 short films although it does seem unfair that this is happening at the same time as providers are starting to offer more broadband content which quickly uses up this bandwidth, such as news and music videos on demand.

The company say that this will effect only a tiny number of users who persistantly flout the limit but there are concerns from users of other UK cable companies, such as Telewest, that the practice which is widespread in other countries is slowly spreading to the UK. Is limit-free broadband slowly coming to an end for us on this side of the pond?

News source: nthellworld

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