Ballmer: Google has taken a failed approach so far to tablets

Steve Ballmer has never been shy to take a swipe at the competition. Besides, isn't that what the CEO of a billion dollar corporation is supposed to do? When it comes to tablets, Ballmer is blasting Google for its failed approach so far, but did state that Apple's strategy has been successful.

The quote comes from the WSJ who spoke to Ballmer about several issues. The article states, "Google 'has taken a failed approach so far' to tablets, while also acknowledging that Apple's strategy with the iPad has been successful." Microsoft has yet to unveil its tablet strategy, but rumors have suggested that it may be shown off at the D9 conference.

Ironically, Microsoft has already played in the tablet market for some time but was never able to gain mass consumer adoption in the way that Apple capitalized the market. What their strategy for Windows 8 tablets will be remains to be seen, and more so, if it will be successful. 

Unlike the previous comments by Ballmer about Windows 8, there is little chance that it will be retracted. Ballmer has also recently come under fire by a popular hedge fund manager who is asking that Ballmer resign after years of stagnant stock prices.

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