Bing adds person specific Linked Pages to search results

Let's face it; if you have a name that is used by a lot of other people, it can be hard for folks to find out more about you if they search for you in search engine. Microsoft believes it has a solution to that problem with its Bing search service.

In a new post on the Bing blog site, Microsoft announced a new feature called Linked Pages. Basically, it allows anyone to offer links to related pages if someone searches for a person on Bing.

The new service uses Facebook as its basis. A user can sign onto Bing with their Facebook ID. Then they can choose to link to web sites such as a personal blog, a work web site, Linkedin page and more. When users search for a person on Bing that has activated Linked Pages, they can see what pages are associated with that person.

Microsoft says that the user has total control of how Linked Pages work for them on Bing. It states:

Simply follow the link notification from Facebook or go to to remove links you added or links your friends added about you. Once you remove a link, you are the only person that can go back and relink yourself to that page. And as a reminder, you have to give permission to Bing to start linking pages and can turn it off at any time by disabling the application in Facebook.

Image via Bing

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