Bing overtakes Yahoo! for the first time

Microsoft’s Bing search engine claimed victory over the wizened and reliable stalwart Yahoo!, according to a Nielsen report released Tuesday. While Google still retains the top spot, and continues to dominate the competition with 65.1% of the market (up 1% from last month), Bing’s ascension over Yahoo! Marks a major milestone in the young search engine’s history.

According to Nielsen, the official numbers of the top five search engines are:

  1. Google – 65.1%
  2. Bing – 13.9%
  3. Yahoo! – 13.1%
  4. – 2.1%
  5. AOL – 2.0%

The timing of the news is interesting. Last month, the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo! went into effect, wherein all Yahoo searches would be powered by Bing. While the platform surrounding the respective search engines may be different, the underlying engines are the same (in the US and Canada). It isn’t known whether or not this had any effect on the traffic stats of either site.

Nielsen isn’t the only search traffic statistics company, however. According to Hitwise and ComScore, Yahoo! is still comfortably in second place, with Hitwise putting Yahoo! and Bing at 14.28% and 9.87% respectively, and ComScore putting them at 17.1% and 11% respectively.

Image Credit: Zimbio

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