Bing rolls out "Honey Badger" webmaster tools update

Microsoft has been working hard to make Bing the premier search website. But the features of the platform go beyond your traditional search as Bing also offers up a set of webmaster tools to help out site owners make the most of their website.

Bing is updating the platform today to bring several new features to the tools they already offer. These new tools offer flexibility with crawl rates, accessing data in the Bing index and enhanced user management roles. These new features are detailed below via the Bing Blog:

  • Crawl delay management: Lets webmasters configure the bingbot crawl rate for a specific domain.
  • Index Explorer: Allows webmasters the ability to access data in the Bing index regarding a specified domain.
  • User and Role Management: Provides site owners the ability to grant admin, read/write or read-only access to other users for their site.

These upgrades help to make the Bing webmaster tools a complete package and with enhanced functionality that will allow for greater productivity for site owners.  Microsoft knows that it needs to win the approval of webmasters along with consumers to help maintain Bing's relevance in the search marketplace.

These additional tools will help it to compete in the competitive search marketplace. As Bing offers more tools to make its products more friendly, Google will be faced with more pressure to keep innovating and refining its platform.

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