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Bioshock 2 info surfaces

It has been a few months since we got a first glimpse at the teaser trailer for a sequel to the hit game Bioshock, but after much waiting the April edition of Game Informer has arrived and thanks to those who got the issue early, details of Bioshock 2 have found their way to the Internet.

In an interesting twist from the first game, the protagonist for the sequel will be a Big Daddy, but unlike the ones found in the form of enemies in the first game, you will be playing as the first Big Daddy created turned rogue. You will have access to the drill arm as seen on the iconic image of the big daddy along with such weapons as the rivet gun used by other forms of Big Daddy and will also have access to a range of Plasmids and a new upgrade system resulting in new ways to advance your abilities.

Little Sisters also return but unlike the first which required you to choose between rescuing or harvesting, the sequel will have you choose either to harvest or to adopt, the latter which allows you to have the Little Sister accompany you around Rapture who will in turn be able to harvest ADAM from the dead, later in the game you will be given the ability to rescue them like the previous title.

The main antagonist in the sequel will be a Big Sister, a surviving Little Sister who now rules Rapture and has been raiding coastal towns and cities capturing young girls to turn into Little Sisters. She is said to appear throughout the game as you progress and whose presence will be warned about by captured Little Sisters before attacking you directly.

Also, talking to MTV, Take Two have confirmed that Bioshock 2 will indeed be released on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms, the internet was rife with speculation as the first game was first released as a timed exclusive on the PC and Xbox 360 before hitting the Playstation 3 a year later.

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