Blogger demands Microsoft to release Windows 7 now

Windows 7 Beta has been getting good reviews since its release and many users who use the beta say this is going to be one of the finest releases so far from Microsoft after the dreadful Vista start. Agreeing we all like Windows 7, how soon you want Windows 7 to be shipped?

Kelly Poe, a big fan of Windows 7 has started a campaign to release Windows 7 Now! The campaign is called - Release Windows 7 Now - and allows users to cast their vote towards the release.

Based on the positive reviews from many people like Leo Laporte (, TWIT Podcast) and Paul Thurrott (, Windows Weekly podcast), Poe thinks that Windows 7 is good enough for a release already and requests Microsoft let the beautiful little birdy fly!

Microsoft has already confirmed today that there is no more beta and published RC details, but still it is not sure what versions of Windows 7 Microsoft has planned to release. I think we would get a better picture once RC gets released.

So, what do you think? Are using Windows 7 beta? Do you think is it almost ready for a release?

In the meantime, dont forget to read our Windows 7 Overviews:

And don't forget to cast your vote ;)

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