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Breakthrough tech makes car battery "happy", fully charges in 10 minutes

Tesla car batteries

Dr. Rachid Yazami, most famously known for his invention of graphite anode for use inside Li-ion batteries, has claimed he's now developed a technology that can charge electric vehicles (EV) in as little as 10 minutes.

In an interview with The Register, Yazami said the following:

We developed new tech which is the fastest charging tech for batteries in the world. Recently, we completed high-density battery charging in ten minutes. If you compare that to Tesla at 70 minutes, we are seven times faster.

In order to achieve this, Yazami is using a technique called "Non-Linear Voltammetry" (NLV) which regulates the voltage at different levels. If you imagine these levels as steps, then on a certain step the voltage necessary is kept constant until it reaches a higher step. Upon doing this, the voltage is altered to a suitable amount necessary for the new step. The process continues and ultimately, the battery is said to be fully charged when the highest step is reached. Hence why the approach is called Non-Linear Voltammetry; since the voltage is gradually raised in steps.

Yazami believes that this technique helps "to make the battery happy" and consequently increases the speed of charging as it improves the battery's resilience.

However, Rachid Yazami isn't the only one researching and developing fast-charging batteries. Earlier this year, StoreDot, a company that specializes in Extreme Fast Charging (or XFC) batteries, announced that it has produced a next-gen car battery which can charge a two-wheeler EV in just five minutes.

Source: The Register | Image via Tesla

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