Brian Valentine talks Windows Server 2003

Paul Thurrott has just posted an interview with Brian Valentine on his SuperSite for Windows. The interview tracks the history of Brian himself within Microsoft, the development of Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft's changes in how it develops platforms like Windows Server 2003. It's a good read if you're interested in Windows Server 2003, Microsoft or Brian himself.

Here is a snip from the interview:

Paul: What other ways has Microsoft changed the way it develops products for its customers?

Brian: We have a whole bunch of other initiatives. Trustworthy computing is key for our customers. We've assumed a serious leadership role with our accessibility work, and internationalization. We can now deliver a completely internationalized platform into languages and countries that were just created, for example, and that raised some interesting challenges. But we stepped up and delivered. With the Internet and global computing, we simply have to do that.

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News source: Paul Turrott's SuperSite for Windows

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