Bright Computing releases new version of Cluster Manager, offers better Azure integration

Bright Computing, makers of software solutions geared towards HPC (High Performance Computing) scenarios, have announced the latest version of Cluster Manager, which now better integrates with Azure.

In a post on the Azure blog, Felipe Ayora, Senior PM for Azure HPC & Big Compute reveals that the latest version of Bright Cluster Manager allows enterprise customers to extend on-premises computing clusters into Azure, or simply create a brand new cluster entirely in Azure.

Of this release, Bright Computing's CTO, Martijn de Vries, said:

We are pleased to offer this new integration to our customers and we are confident that the solution will be very popular with our user base. Cloud bursting from an on-premises cluster to Microsoft Azure offers companies an efficient, cost-effective, secure and flexible way to add additional resources to their HPC infrastructure. Bright's integration with Azure also gives our clients the ability to build an entire off-premises cluster for compute-intensive workloads in the Azure cloud platform.

In essence, what the company is offering is a solution for "cloud bursting". This allows companies to extended their on-premises HPC capabilities to the cloud - or "burst to the cloud"-, and adjust them according to computing needs. It also means that you can create an HPC cluster in Azure which will behave like an on-premises one, and which can be customized with the newest GPUs on demand. The result is that as a customer, you end up "paying only for what you use."

An in-depth overview of the features new to the latest version of Bright Cluster Manager is available in episode 180 of the Azure Podcast.

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